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(( Cocktail Techniques ))

Posted by drinkscompanion on August 28, 2007

Flash: Egg White Technique Update!

I’ve discovered a new thing – new to me, anyhow. I really have no idea if other people are doing this, but I find it really, really helpful in maximizing every last protein in my egg white cocktails.

If you haven’t read my post about egg whites and cocktails, check it out here. As a slight but possibly crucial update, I’m going to modify Step 7. Strain the drink into a chilled glass as usual, but instead of shooting seltzer into a clean tin or glass and then pouring it slowly into the patiently waiting cocktail, use the small, empty end of your Boston set (in this case) and spray some seltzer in. The charged water instantly reacts to the thin layer of drink still lining the glass/tin, frothing nicely. Now you’re ready pour some of this foamy seltzer in your cocktail as described before, but also to scoop some very, very nice foam directly on top with a bar spoon.

In this way, you’ve taken advantage of the egg white to its fullest. It’s key to do this quickly, though, as the proteins from the egg are still aggravated.

2 Responses to “(( Cocktail Techniques ))”

  1. It’s funny, I started doing that inadvertantly after reading your original post. I never even thought to use a clean tin! Does that make me a genius, or just lazy?

  2. drinkscompanion said

    A genius, without question. How has it worked for you? I showed this technique to my new boss, Eben Freeman, and he’s been so psyched about it that he’s been having me show it to all the cocktail geeks who come into Tailor. Toby Maloney slapped himself on the head in a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that way, which, i must tell you, might be the most flaturing thing to every happen to me. John at PDT told me he’s now doing it with his long-shaken Ramos’, which word has it creates a really, really nice stbale foam a good two inches off the glass.


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