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Falling Off The Radar

Posted by drinkscompanion on May 4, 2008

This blog was never really meant to be a serious thing, more like a way to reiterate in words the things I had been learning.  That’s how I reinforce education, by writing about it, taking notes, or talking about it with people.  When this blog was created, I didn’t have an outlet for that – I simply didn’t work at bars where I could geek out with customers and coworkers.  Now that I do, I find that most of my free time is spent reading books about spirits and cocktails, blogs, and on the occasional night off, visiting friends at their bars.

For the first time in a while, I have three days off in a row.  I quite literally have no idea what to do with myself.  And then I remembered I had a blog once, back in the day when I was a teenager, before I had status and before I had a pager.   It was fun, but then I got busy (read: lazy) and just couldn’t keep up (read: drinking too much).

That’s all.  I haven’t given up completely, but almost.  

4 Responses to “Falling Off The Radar”

  1. Joel said


    Don’t give up completely. My two cents.

  2. You have a very very nice blog. I see that you’re a true connoisseur with an attention to detail. I happen to agree with you that were in the midst of a second great awakening in the cocktail bar genre. Nice website!


    • Buddy said

      Det mesta är redan sagt, så jag instämmer bara i hynislnglkören! Läste bloggen med kritiken av bilderna och höll med hela vägen! Bra jobbat! Kram.

  3. Hampers said

    Making the effort and lifting the finger to the keyboard is half of the journey. You have some raw talent and should continue as i enjoy your witticisms immensely. Bravo!

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